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Backsplash Murals for The Kitchen

If you are looking to spruce up your kitchen and you can't afford to lay new flooring or buy new appliances; you may want to look into kitchen backsplash murals. These are decorative tile or glass murals that create an air of luxury and definition to your home. Kitchen backsplash murals are more than just an easy cleaning solution, they are conversation pieces. You won't believe how often your guests will mention and admire your backsplash.

More Creative, Less Fancy
The last thing you need is some gaudy mess behind your sink. When you are deciding on kitchen backsplash materials, make sure you don't go overboard, nothing is less appealing than too many colors or too busy of a pattern. Remember that your brain has to absorb all of the information presented to it and anything that is too busy or complicated will lose its simple beauty. Also, in the morning when you aren't feeling that little spark, its nice to not have some tile work scream out at you. Choose two or three colors and look online for a design or picture you like a lot. Then emulate that onto the wall behind your sink and stove.

Designs and Murals
A backsplash mural might seem difficult when you first lay down your plans. The color and quantity of tile, the pattern or design, and then actually applying it to your wall! It can seem quite daunting but if you set your plans out ahead of time you should be able to follow your pattern simply and slowly without many issues. If you are using very tiny tiles, be sure you know where and how many you are applying. Draw your mural out on the wall and number the sections of tile you will use. That when you are installing your tile, you can just follow along until you have your very own, unique kitchen backsplash!

If You Need Help, Just Ask
If you have any trouble with the installation, ask a representative at the place you bought the materials from. They will be able to give you helpful hints and maybe even some good ideas.


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