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Choosing a Bathroom Tile


Home improvement projects often start out a little differently these days compared to a few years ago. Choosing bathroom tile now days the budget often comes into play first. Once settled on a type of tile, a homeowner will shop around to get the best materials possible that will fit the budget.

Even with a budget in mind, when choosing tile, great consideration needs to be given as to where the tile will be and how much use it will see. Glass tile for instance doesn’t make for very good flooring. Glass tile could break and leave sharp edges. Porcelain on the other hand makes excellent flooring and is often used in high traffic areas. Ceramic tile is great for bathrooms or areas with high moisture and is a low maintenance tile. Stone tile in a hallway or corridor can change the very feel of a place. It can also require more effort to keep clean and to maintain.

When choosing bathroom tile, installation must be considered as well. Many homeowners love this type of project while others opt for a contractor. The contractor needs to be figured in with the initial budget plus a little extra to be on the safe side. Hardly ever will a job cost you less than was quoted, but often unexpected costs seem to spring up like flowers. Some contractors actually charge more if a homeowner started a job and botched it up before calling them in.

You see there is so much more to think about when choosing tile or any project around the house for that matter. Homes with children playing need rugged materials that can take the wear and abuse. Homes with out children can often stand a much more delicate ornamental touch. If done properly, both can look fabulous and last a lifetime.

Shopping around a bit before purchasing your tile will give you a much better idea of what all materials are available. Sometimes you find the tile you want from one store, may be at clearance price in another. This can result in huge savings. It never hurts to look.

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