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Warm Your Kitchen with Copper

For many people, the kitchen is the center of the home not just a place for cooking and eating, especially with today's open floor plans. They're a place for family and friends to gather and talk. Since your kitchen is a reflection of you, you’ll want to add design elements that stand out and get noticed; something that looks good, lasts for a long time and is easy to clean. Copper backsplash murals are an excellent choice that has become quite popular.

What are copper backsplash murals?
The murals are made by engraving, hammering, or stamping images into a sheet of copper. They can also treat the copper to look like marble or to further enhance the images with color or depth, although the original copper finish is quite beautiful. Copper is soft and malleable, so it is possible to create a mural with almost any image you can imagine. The most common images are of objects associated with the kitchen, such as fruit baskets, wines, or oils. In country homes, you might find murals of roosters, chickens or other farm animals. You may even find murals of quaint villages or other intricate designs. The warm color and sheen of the copper creates a unique and exotic piece of art that is sure to draw attention.

How long will it last?
In spite of the copper's softness and flexibility, it is virtually indestructible and will last for generations with minimal care. As the copper ages, the color will deepen and develop a warm patina that is even more beautiful than the original coloring.

Are they easy to clean?
In addition to it's durability, copper is very easy to clean and maintain. No special cleaners are needed. Simply wipe clean. As with copper pots, the murals may tarnish over time if they are not regularly cleaned. If a mural becomes badly tarnished, a simple solution of flour, salt and vinegar will restore the mural within minutes. Mix the ingredients into a paste, allow to sit on the mural for a few minutes, and rinse clean with warm water to restore it to it's original condition.

If you would like to add a unique, attention-getting, element to your kitchen that will last forever and be easy to take care of, you can't go wrong with a copper backsplash mural.


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