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Glass Mosaic Tile Bathrooms

Glass mosaic tile bathrooms have been and still are trendy with both the home owners and interior designers. The patterns can be from simple to complex with a result that will have your house guests wanting to remodel their own bathroom. Some of the popular types of design include Mosaic Murals, Stone Series, and the Metal Series and one of the most popular is of course the Stained Glass Series.

For those that want to add a very personal touch, one can create their own mosaic pattern online. This is done by coating the backside of the tile with a dye like solution that receives the transfer of images or patterns during printing. At the end of this process your picture or design has now been placed on glass tile, ready to be displayed.

For the best results installation should always be performed by a licensed and bonded
contractor. Glass tiles are harder than ceramic to install as they break easier because they are more rigid. Not to mention the tiles need to be laid out according to their placement, an error could result in added cost and unsightly results. You can save yourself time, stress and money by making sure the contractor you select has experience. Ask to see their portfolio for examples of past work.

Once you have chose the pattern for your project, you should incorporate the tile into the bathroom by adding accessories that will be enhanced by the theme. Add in some faux or real tropical plants, you can add a rustic touch with unfinished wooden storage boxes for linens, or go over the top with the latest in modern storage and bathroom accessories. With the right placement mirrors not only play on mosaic tiles but can make a small bathroom appear larger.

A mosaic tiled bathroom will let you say goodbye to the painting, wall paper, sheet rocking and the constant upkeep of moisture plagued wood and paint. One of the best benefits of glass mosaic tile is its resistance to moisture which is why it is widely used in both bathrooms and kitchens.

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