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Kitchen Remodeling with Glass Mosaic Tile

A home remodeling trend that shows no signs of slowing down is the use of glass tile as a decorative kitchen accent. The kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in the home. Having a fabulous looking kitchen takes vision and planning. Redoing a kitchen to get it just the way you want requires selecting materials that look great without costing an arm and a leg. This is what makes glass mosaic tile such a great choice for kitchen walls.

Trendy glass mosaic tile is an affordable alternative to ceramic tile. Increasingly, this type of tile is being chosen to highlight a backsplash area, counter area or the entire kitchen wall surface.

Here are some reasons to choose glass tile:

Brightening Effect

Kitchen colors are often very plain. Common colors are shades of beige or white. If there is tile, it also tends to be an uninspiring color in ceramic. Glass, on the other hand, is quite the opposite of dull. Glass has a natural sheen that gleams in light. It instantly brightens up the wall and gives your kitchen a mood lift. Bright and happy is much more preferable to dull and dreary.

An easy way to wake up the walls is to go for glimmer tile. These tiles are more monochromatic in color, but they still have a distinct mosaic look. They glimmer in the light just like stained glass windows.

Dramatic Color

The color options that you have with this type of tile are endless. The neat thing is that manufacturers keep providing more options due to its popularity. For homeowners that prefer bold color they can go with dramatic color combinations. Some of the popular combinations are red and yellow, blue and green, yellow and green and gold paired with various colors. Part of the fun is choosing which colors you desire.

Classy Sophistication

There is no denying that the look of glass is very sophisticated compared with ceramic or paint. The mosaic pattern attracts the eye with great interest. If you are going for a more low key style, look for combinations that include beige, black, gray, tan, brown or cool blues.

Fusion Blends

Another popular trend with glass tiles is combining glass with tiles made from other materials. Popular fusion blends are glass and ceramic, glass and stone and glass and metal. These fusions give your kitchen a unique classy appearance. Find a tile company that specializes in fusion combinations for the best options.

Custom Mosaic Murals

Glass mosaic tile can be customized to create a completely original design for your kitchen. Customization costs more but the decorative value may be well worth the amount you spend. Floral patterns are quite popular, but any visual design can be created. Seek out companies and designers that offer customization and present your idea.

Talented designers that work with glass materials should be able to make custom murals that create a stunning impact.


Another neat thing about glass tile is that it is environmentally friendly. Glass is one of the top materials that are recycled. You can find tiles that are made from recycled glass. Choosing glass is a way to support the planet.

Easy Installation

You would think that upgrading kitchen walls with a more sophisticated appearance is going to be hard work. In fact, the reality is quite opposite. Installing kitchen mosaic tiles is very easy. The do it yourself homeowner can easily find instructions on how to correctly adhere the tile sheets to the walls.

If you are only doing the backsplash area behind the sink, the task can be completed relatively quickly. A larger area may take a whole day, or a bit longer depending on individual circumstances.

Increase Kitchen Value

Homeowners know that a sure-fire way to increase a home's value in the local real estate market is to remodel a kitchen. Home buyers often make the decision to buy based solely on a modernized kitchen. While everyone enjoys having a great looking kitchen, the truth is that most people will not spend the money to upgrade this area of the house.

Therefore, when you remodel your kitchen area using trendy tiles on the walls that immediately adds lots of value to the home. Of course, the ideal decor is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may love the mosaic colors you select, while others may hate it. Just pick the tile that makes you happy.



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